Live webinar On TIN Matching & B Notices – How to minimize the paperwork from complaints on IRS information returns

This webinar will help you reduce the risk of being out of compliance with your Form 1099 reporting requirements with the Internal Revenue Service. This session will discuss registration with the IRS, methods to perform electronic Name/Taxpayer Identification Number matching, protocols for handling CP-2100 notification from the IRS regarding Name/TIN mismatches on your forms 1099, 1098. It will help you understand the differences between and 1st and 2nd B-Notice and the related differences in required vendor responses. We prepare Forms 1099 and send them into the IRS.  Later in the year the IRS mails us a “B” Notice, Backup Withholding Notice, Form 2100 or 2100A.  Would you like to avoid receiving “B” Notices from the IRS?  If yes, one of the best ways is to use the IRS e-services Taxpayer Identification Number matching program.

Areas to be Covered:
1.  Starter question: what is TIN Matching?
2.  Who must request access to the TIN Match system?
3.  How do we register to use the system?
4   How does the TIN Match system work?
5.  What are the best practices for managing 1099 reporting requirements?
6.  How do I deal with vendors who report incorrect information on their W-4’s?
7.  B-Notices: when I receive a letter from the IRS stating I have incorrect names/TINS on my 1099’s, what must I do and what about the   deadlines?
8.  What if I receive a Notice of Proposed Penalty?
9.  Learn IRS 1099 matching process and avoid most common matching mistakes
10.  Advantages of IRS e-services TIN Matching Program
11.  What is a “B” Notice and What causes “B” notices
12.  Steps to take to avoid “B” Notices and Steps to take after receiving a “B” Notice
13.  What is a Backup Withholding Notice

Targeted Audience:
ALL CPA  and staff
EA & staff
Attorneys & staff
Accounting Department Staff
Controller & Staff
Staff responsible for preparing Forms 1099
Accountants Payable Staff
Financial Officers
Tax compliance management
Tax Managers
Accounts Payable Managers
Internal Auditors
Information Technology design staff

Instructor Profile:
Greta Hicks has worked 6 years with IRS as Revenue Agent / Group Manager / Training Manager
IRs Audits of Employment Tax Issues. She has over 34 years of experience in representing before the IRS
Editorial Board, Relations with IRS Committee, Tax Editor for “Today’s CPA” . She has 38 years of  Writing & Teaching CPE for various Professional and Educational Organizations.
Greta has also published articles in Trade, Professional, and Educational Periodicals and she has also written web content for CCH & self-study courses for CPE Providers.

For More details:-

Email: Tel: +1-248-233-2049



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